We've broken down Taking Charge of The First 6 Years into workshops to help get you started with Raising Children You Like.

In this workshop, you’ll come away with:

Knowing how to identify and meeting the needs of your child.

A method to minimize tantrums.

A method to prevent tantrums.

6 tantrum soothers that work for everyday parents.


In this workshop, you’ll come away with:

Understanding your Trigger Points and how to soothe them.

A technique to stay calm and regulated.

A method for setting house rules the whole family can stick to.

12 discipline hacks that actually work.

Finally getting aligned with your parenting partner.


In this workshop, you’ll come away with:

A sure-fire approach to using screens in a developmentally appropriate way.

A list of alternatives to use instead of screens.

How to have a screen-free (and tantrum-free) dining experience, inside and outside the home.

An approach to having a stress-free dining experience

An approach to bedtime your kids will look forward to.

In this workshop, you’ll come away with:

A clear understanding of the 7 underlying needs children have and how to meet them, which puts you on track to becoming the expert in your child's behavior.

8 calming techniques that will not only diffuse the tantrum but will help your child feel seen, heard, and understood by you, which ultimately strengthens the connection and relationship between you two.

2 calming techniques that you can easily remember in the midst of the chaos (or any time for that matter) that will leave you feeling like the #BOSS you are. You'll also feel proud and confident in how you're able to respond to your child.