Raising Children You Like comes in two parts because maybe you've taken other parenting courses and now need to overcome bad habits, or if you're brand new, we've got your back.

We start by taking charge of our home and family with Part 1:

Of The Toddler Years

Of The First 6 Years


Tantrums are unmet NEEDS

that come out as “bad behavior.” They’re Normal, they’re Emotional,

they’re to be Expected, they’re definitely Demanding, and they require us to Stop and Respond.

You’ll come away with:

Identifying and meeting the needs of your child.

A method to minimize tantrums.

A method to prevent tantrums.

6 tantrum soothers that work for everyday parents.


Somewhere along the way, we have lost sight that discipline actually means to teach rather than to punish. And with living in a society that favors prisons over schools, it’s no wonder parents are having such a hard time disciplining their children.

You’ll come away with:

Understanding your Trigger Points and how to soothe them.

A technique to stay calm and regulated.

A method for setting house rules the whole family can stick to.

12 discipline hacks that actually work.



There are certain times where we can sense a tantrum is coming and oftentimes it’s around meals and bedtime. And that’s because when your child is hungry or tired, their nervous system is crying to get those needs met.

You’ll come away with:

An approach to having a stress-free dining experience

An approach to bedtime your kids will look forward to.


Screen time has become everyone’s BFF. Need to get on a call? Here’s the iPad. Need to trim their nails? Give them the phone. Even for adults. There’s nothing like scrolling mindlessly on our phones after a rough day. But want to know a secret? There is a way to optimize screen time to enhance your relationship with your kiddos instead of it just being a distraction tool.

You’ll come away with:

A sure-fire approach to using screens in a developmentally appropriate way.

 A list of alternatives to use instead of screens.

How to have a screen-free (and tantrum-free) dining experience, inside and outside the home.


You don’t realize how scary it is for a child to go see a doctor or dentist until you get there and they act like a cat being put into a bathtub. Speaking of bathtubs, how many times do you remind your kiddos to “keep the water in the tub,” or that brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, and washing their hands happens E-ver-y-Day.

You’ll come away with:

Methods on having tear-free check-ups and dentist visits.

Easy peasy hygiene tips.

A PLAN for when they need to see a specialist and how to walk them through that experience.

And once you’ve taken charge,

you’re ready to transform the first 6 years in Part 2:

The Toddler Years

The First 6 Years


Now it’s time to take the gloves off and get our hands dirty. When you know what to do, but are having a hard time following through, that means you’re running into the Connection Wounds we mentioned earlier.

You’ll come away with:

Identifying your Connection Wounds and what Walls you’ve put in place for protection.

Identifying your Connection Wins and how that created Bridges in your life to connect you in relationships.

Setting and holding boundaries with yourself and loved ones so you can show up in your life how you intended to.

Coping strategies to deal with stress, anxiety, and fears that you can actually stick to.


Parenting for the most part is trial by fire. But it doesn’t have to take years for us to get to a place where we’re proud of it. Hindsight is for those who don’t take preventative actions that can set themselves and their kids up for success. (teenage-years-dread, anyone?).

You’ll come away with:

The 3 Pillars of Raising Children You Like.

Knowing how to teach your child emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy (and so much more.)

Knowing how to teach body awareness and break gender stereotypes, so they learn to be more accepting in this melting pot of a world.

Transforming the sibling relationship between your children.


In Taking Charge of the Toddler Years, you’ll learn how to manage and prevent tantrums from happening. You’ll also know how to identify your triggers and take charge of your discipline. The next step after that is transforming typical toddler behavior. If you live for parenting tips on Instagram, you’re going to LOVE this.

You’ll come away with:

How to handle 45 typical toddler behaviors, in a way that teaches them what you expect, rather than what you don’t want them to do.

Sentence starters and phrases for each specific behavior to add to your toolbox.

The ideal tone and posture to use when delivering these messages.

An explanation of why this works (in case you have a partner who thinks gentle parenting doesn’t work.)

If you've already taken charge of your household or if you're only wanting to commit to one part of the program at a time, you can purchase them separately here.

Entire Course = $197

Part 1: Taking Charge of The First 6 Years: $99

Part 2: Transforming The First 6 Years: $127

Science-Based and Chock-Full of Wisdom

“If you’re looking for a compassion-based approach to understanding your toddler’s BIGGEST outbursts, this is the place for you! Raising Children You Like’s method is science-based and chock full of wisdom I feel confident putting my trust in. Thank you, ladies!!”

julie p.

Practical Steps, Sample Phrases And Easy to Implement

“The Taking Charge of the Toddler Years is a breath of relief for any parent! With empathy for both parent and kiddo, this course offers scientific information on brain and behavioral development, practical steps, and sample phrases to diffuse tantrums calmly and compassionately. It's clear, concise, easy-to-implement format makes it DOABLE for busy parents who need help asap!

It has been a quick transition into tantrums and lots of big emotions for my kiddo. Old methods like spanking, shaming, or ignoring didn't feel right to me. I didn't know what to do. Enter Raising Children You Like... now I have a method that helps me hold necessary boundaries while acknowledging my son's needs, preserves my own sense of calm, and allows us to engage with each other and deepen our relationship.”

elyse s.

A Wonderful Way to Understand Behavior.

“The course is a wonderful way to understand why tantrums happen and real-life scenarios to help contain tantrum releases faster. It's been wonderful to put the lessons learned to practice with my little ones.”