If you know you'll need accountability to support you through your journey with Raising Children You Like, enroll in our coaching program.



For a 12 week coaching program

Veronica's passion for working with children and families began in 2009 where she mentored and ran an after school program in San Francisco, California.

There, she realized the importance of supporting parents if the village they create to support their children will have any impact, because a child's first love will always be their parents.

Veronica's coaching style is warm, direct and to-the point. She is an action-oriented person and that's what you will get when working with her.

The initial call will be for you to share your goals and desires from working with Veronica. She will then create a personalized step-by-step action plan to implement into your daily routine for the next 6 weeks.

You will have weekly check-ins together to talk about what is working, what you need more support around, and create the changes to the plan to help you succeed.

Veronica specializes in healing your past hurts, relationship problems, behavioral issues with your children, helping your children get along better and more.



For a 12 week coaching program

Sonnet is a gentle parenting coach, co-host of “Not Your Mother’s Podcast”, co-founder of “Raising Children You Like”, and mom of two girls 3 and under.

She is passionate about creating a safe place for parents to explore their past wounds and limiting beliefs, so they can find ways to redefine these old patterns and pass on different, more empowering messages to their children.

Sonnet believes that when we do the work as parents to become aware of our triggers, aware of our unmet needs, aware of our limiting patterns, we can then start to shift these behaviors. This is not always easy work, and having the support of a coach to help you identify and problem solve, can be so helpful while navigating these sometimes challenging waters.

Sonnet started “Not Your Mother’s Podcast” with Veronica, as a platform to amplify the conversation around the unsaids in motherhood and to find strategies and solutions for thriving as a parent. Sonnet and Veronica interview leading experts in the world of motherhood and glean actionable insight for their own lives and the community they have created.

When working with Sonnet, you might explore repeating triggers that come up in your toddler parenting life, you may explore tantrum behavior and dive deeper in specific unmet needs and how to meet them, you may create a solution based plan to start to create a life you love, so you can show up for your family as the parent you want to be.

No matter what you work on with Sonnet, her goal is to help your parenting experience start to lighten, fortify your parenting tool belt, and give you a plan for specific challenges you may be experiencing so you can feel most successful and fulfilled in your parenting journey.

The goal is not to come back for coaching again and again. Sonnet strives to give you a blueprint of how you can work through your specific challenges, so you can then run with it on your own.

Sonnet’s motherhood journey has been the most rewarding experience of her life because she has the deep honor of guiding and supporting her children in their developments and understanding of themselves as they relate to the world and the world around them.