Raising Children You Like has a simple mission:

To help parents deepen the connection to their children by understanding their underlying needs and healing their old wounds in the process. We bring together like-minded parents who are seeking to raise children who are compassionate, self-reliant, empathetic, and great contributors to society. We don’t take raising the next generation lightly. We understand the responsibility and we are rising to the occasion and taking action.

We are mothers supporting other parents. We are child development experts. We are parenting coaches. We are podcast hosts encouraging the child-parent connection. We are unlike any other online program because we go beyond just selling bandaids to problems.

We are a well-researched, highly informed, premium program that seeks to transform your life. We’re loving and compassionate healers seeking to make a difference in the parenting space. We’re so grateful to help you calm the chaos in your home and deepen the connection with those you love.

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You get the child you need.

You just need a little guidance and the right tools to set you up for success.

By taking charge of the toddler years and transforming your relationship with your child, you set your family up with the skills and tools to manage the bigger feelings that come with growing up. Like they say, little kids- little problems. Big kids- big problems. By doing the leg work NOW, you set them up with the tools

to handle whatever life throws their way.

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT90464) with a private practice exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of new moms and families with very young children under 5 in Redondo Beach, CA. I own and operate South Bay Mommy & Me, where I work exclusively with mothers, infants, and toddlers. I am also endorsed as an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, and am a Board-Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. I am a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (2009) and Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (2013).

I've been working clinically in birth-5 for the past decade, where I have worked in therapeutic preschools, mainstream preschools, as well as with parents of very young children in both home and office settings. I am credentialed in several evidenced-based modalities to support children and parents in finding more connection, coregulation, and vastly improving the sense of peace and calm in the home. I believe strongly in prevention and early-intervention, and am a fierce advocate for the needs and rights of children and new families. I am also the mother of 2 boys, Matteo and Giovanni, and credit them as my primary teachers.

I became passionate about conscious and reflective parenting long before becoming a parent myself. In my own healing journey, I was able to find rich meaning behind my childhood experiences and how they influenced my relationships. I knew this information was something every person could benefit from, but especially parents. The first five years are the most critical years of a person's entire development. And when connection, safety, trust, and joy are cultivated in these years, the result is a fruitful, deep, meaningful relationship between children and their parents. This work is personal for me, as it's in homage to my mother, who passed away due to cancer in 2015. I like to think that by helping families heal their past wounds and connect more authentically to one another, I am also healing the wounds I shared with my own mother. If one person's life is changed positively through my dedication to this work, then it would have all been worth it.

With Raising Children You Like, I hope to share these important messages that are counter to cultural and societal beliefs. I hope to engage and inspire a new generation of modern parents who wish to heal from their past and parent more intentionally. Who desire to change the world simply by how they parent their children. Who recognize the vast responsibility that we hold by being the guardian's of our children's lives, and who take that responsibility seriously and with humility. I am not about that 'perfect parent life'. I am about that humbled parent life, one that is aware of both our strengths and our challenges, and sees parenting as an opportunity to grow for the benefit of future generations. My style is both practical and action-oriented as well as soulful and depth-oriented. I long to help parents get 'out of their heads' and 'into their bodies' and embrace the unknown of the most magical and transformative journey we will ever take... the journey in parenthood.

What kind of parent do you want to be? That was the question Bryana posed to us on our first day of Mommy and Me.

I wanted to be a parent that helped my children feel seen, safe, loved every single day. I wanted to be a parent that gave my children skills for processing hard emotions and navigating challenges in life. I wanted to be a parent who modeled self worth, self love, and healthy relationships.

This is what I learned to do through my work with Bryana and our company Raising Children You Like.

Hi, I’m Sonnet. Co-host of “Not Your Mother’s Podcast”and mama to two girls under three.

One of my first lessons as a parent, was that in order to show up for my child as a whole, well-adjusted adult, that could model healthy behaviors and relationships, I had to do MY work.

I was raised by my single mother, and though she loved me and my siblings unconditionally, and gave us all she could, she did not teach me how to hold and set healthy boundaries. I would go so far as to say, her mother did not teach her, and so the cycle just continued.

My work has been learning to hold firm and loving limits for my children to help contain and guide them through this life. And learn to model to my children what holding healthy boundaries looks like day to day, in all aspects of my life.

THIS is the work that truly has transformed my parenting. I knew what to say and what to do, but I couldn’t follow through because I didn’t understand the root of the issue.

Bryana’s parenting classes helped me uncover this work as a parent. And I found a way of parenting that seemed intuitive and aligned with my parenting values and beliefs.

I wanted to raise resilient, self-reliance, kind and compassionate children and future adults. Her teachings laid the groundwork for this in my parenting.

Together with my podcast partner Veronica, we partnered with Bryana and founded Raising Children You Like, because we wanted to share this parenting wisdom with other parents all around the world.

While I am raising my incredible little girls, I also am podcasting, parent coaching, and singing and songwriting, with songs in ads and TV shows you may have heard, and living in Southern California with my husband and girls.

I am the daughter of two immigrants.

My mom married my dad at 14, had my oldest brother at 15 and the rest of my 3 siblings by the time she was 20. A few years later, my dad migrated to the US to work and move my family over. When my mom was 38, she found herself pregnant again. 4 years after I was born, my dad died.

When you become a parent, the blueprint that’s left for you is the history of how you were raised. Your parents mold the inner voice that guides you throughout your life. If your parents don’t heal the wounds of their own childhood, it sets the stage for intergenerational trauma.

Most people walk around with the old wounds of their parents. Back in the day, you just didn’t know better. But now, with the internet at our fingertips and people becoming parents later in life, this generation of parents are seeking information of doing the work. Of getting it right.

In 2018, Sonnet and I became mothers within weeks apart and we found ourselves drowning in this new role. By the end of that year, I found myself pregnant again and realized this role was just beginning.

We started Not Your Mother's Podcast to speak with industry leaders about the unspoken and unsaid truths about motherhood. To bring to light those nuanced feelings we experience in silence, to normalize the whole picture.
We met Bryana when our daughters became toddlers.

She transformed us.

From understanding how to respond and prevent toddler tantrums, to learning to identify our triggers to be able to heal old wounds so we can teach our kids how to become self-sufficient, resilient, empathic and contributing members in society.

Recently my 3-year-old's teacher told me she’s blown away at her temperament. Her ability to have control of her body, to name her feelings, to communicate her needs. She’s a totally different kid.

She asked how I did it, and I told her about the work we’re doing with Raising Children You Like. I’m so grateful to be working on something that is going to help toddler parents connect and learn to meet the needs of their kids.

Our course takes you BEYOND the scripts of what to say and how to say them.

We teach you how to identify and meet the needs of your child's behavior.

Techniques to keep your cool during hard moments.

Even thought we give you 45+ scripts for typical toddler problems, we also teach you how to get down to the ROOT of the problem so you don't have to rely on us (or anyone else) for communicating with your child. TRUE CONFIDENCE.